Let’s plan it

I love planning. I feel like planning my days, weeks, months, or even years ahead of time get you in the zone of knowing where you are going with your life. I usually tend to buy my planners half way through January as they tend to go on sale by then:) I feel when you write down a list or plan out your week life just goes so much more smoothly. For instance every week on Thursday night I like to plan out what I will be cooking for the following week. I write down all my meals for the week and then I make my grocery list. If there is anything we want to do and have been talking about it for a while, I am able to write that down and plan towards it. Im old school I like to write down lists, plan out things.

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Winter Storm

There is a storm coming…

This past week has been a very rough week for Texans. Living in Texas you don’t really experience harsh winters. It gets cold you were a coat and maybe once a year it might snow a little but by the afternoon that will melt away. Its funny because I remember last year my son woke up and saw some snow on the ground and he got so excited to go play in it. The kids played for a little bit but then had to run some errands with my husband. When they came home they saw the snow was gone it was so sad for them. But this year was different.

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Chicken Masala

Chicken masala is a very basic recipe made up of ingredients you probably already have at home. I think everyone should know how to make this simple recipe. This dish cooks up so fast that its a perfect dinner recipe for busy night. How many times are you in the kitchen wondering what you are going to cook? This is something that happens to me all the time. I just whip up whatever seems simple and easy yet tastes delicious. Well this is the recipe for moments like that. So lets get started:)

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Family Style Taco Night

Taco night also known as taco Tuesday is a fun family dinner that I tend to make weekly. Everyone gets to grab and make their tacos with their favorite ingredients. It looks fancy but its so simple to put together and enjoy:) You will just need a few things to prepare these such as soft tortillas, taco shells, creamy sour cream, and a few other toppings. I will share how I make the ground beef with just at home ingredients, no need for store bought taco seasoning.

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Mutton Haleem

Do you ever wake up wanting to eat something delicious? You think to yourself today I want to make something so good and so yummy but then you think about how long it will take you and slowly you begin to dread thinking of that idea. Well my pressure cooker haleem is so fast and easy to cook up that you will be excited to make it. It takes about a hour to cook if you don’t have kids clinging on your leg or older ones insisting to help lol. Sometimes I love the help but other times Im like scram I need to finish cooking and cleaning so I can relax on my recliner with a bowl of haleem. What is haleem? Its basically a delicious blend of meat and lentils cooked alway slowly in indian spices till well cooked into a thick like stew mixture. Its the second popular dish of Hyderabad India. Of course the first one would be Biryani. So Anyways traditionally this is a very long process to cook up haleem but I have a quick twist on that by making it in pressure cooker.

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