Cutlets – Potato filled patties

When you typically read cutlet on the menu your mind goes straight to a thin slice cut of meat whether it be chicken or beef. But nope thats not what we call cutlets. we grew up calling these potato stuffed with ground beef cutlets. To be honest I have no idea where to name even came from. I just know people from India and Pakistan make them. Though their are variations to making these, some make them with a yogurt filling, then I have heard people make them with out breadcrumbs. I have this recipe that I have been using for years, its a very basic and simple to follow recipe.

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Mongolian Beef

Better then restaurant Mongolian beef. So much better so much fresher. One thing that for sure is true is the ingredients that you use to make this dish at home. You know exactly what you are putting in it and how fresh it it. Where if you were to eat at the restaurant you never really know how fresh the ingredients are. If it has been marinated for a week, you don’t really know any of that. Don’t get me wrong I still enjoy eating out but when you try to make the same style food at home and it turns out much better, then my friend you have a choice. Of course if there is something you try to make and it doesn’t turn out the same then yeah id suggest to go get take out. But I was so surprised how good this was made, how tender the meat was. Mongolian beef usually when you eat at a restaurant well at least in our case it would be kinda chewy and a little hard. I would assume its suppose to be like that. But when I made it myself, oh was I wrong! The Mongolian beef was so soft and slightly crispy and the flavors were so delicious. My son would eat up the entire plate if he could. This is my husbands favorite dish to order when we get asian food. Im more of the noodles and chicken kind. So when he ate and approved then I knew I did something right. I kid you not its so good that if you were not a fan of beef before you will become a fan after eating this dish. Its sweet and savory the kids will lick their fingers. My daughter who isn’t a fan of “meat” well at least she says she isn’t and then she eats it if I say its chicken. Well she enjoyed eating this too like literally off the serving platter.

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Simple Stir Fry

My favorite cuisine is Asian food. I love any type of noodles from the basic of ramen to fancy stir fry. The crunch of veggies along side the delicious noodles is just something. It goes in your mouth and makes your tastebuds just go crazy. Any occasion I would ask for Asian food. I love spring rolls, orange chicken, Mongolian beef, and the most favorite would be the stir fry. This food is just so comforting to me. I have many ways that I have made this stir fry but I think this is my most favorite kind of way to make it. The thing about stir fry is you have to cook the noodles right, and have all the ingredients on hand. Its a very quick cooking recipe which is why prepping is a must. I suggest cutting and keeping all veggies ready. Cooking meat prior to making the stir fry. Another thing about this recipe is if you are not so big on veggies add in more protein. Even with the veggies you can add what you like and leave out what you dislike. The base will always be the same which is the sauce and noodles. The veggies and meat are up to you and your liking so thats the great part of the recipe.

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Puppy Chow – Muddy Buddies

What do you call these? I grew up calling them puppy chow. Making puppy chow was my thing back in the day. I was known to make the best puppy chow. But come to think of it, its a very easy thing to make. A funny memory about puppy chow is that as a kid I would use my hands to mix the chex mix with chocolate. I still sometimes do hehe…I feel it gets coated better. But of course using a spatula is recommended. Puppy chow is such a yummy treat to make, and not going to lie its very addicting. If you are a sugar lover will be munching on these all day long. I feel my kids are better then me, they have a few and they walk away. But me I keep going back and eating over and over and over then I have to hide the bowl away from me. Who am I kidding I will be going back to it. If you grew up in the states then you know what puppy chow is and how amazing it is. For those who have no idea…Its chex mix cereal coated in chocolate, peanut butter mixture then covered with powdered sugar. If you like to you can add in m and m or any other candy but thats optional. Kids would sell these at bake sales, or bring it to classroom parties.

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Tomato Chutney 🍅

My mom made the best tamate “tomato” chutney ever! Everyone would ask how she made it and the recipe was so simple. It would look as if she worked hours cooking it up. But it really was very easy to make. Basically you just need tomatoes and then couple of ingredients for tempering. Its a very simple recipe to follow. You can use canned diced tomatoes and thats what my mom uses. I personally like the flavor more with fresh tomatoes. Today I will be sharing with you my favorite tamate ki chutney, Its tangy, spicy, and goes will with pretty anything. You can spread it on a slice of bread to eating it with rice. My kids favorite way to eat it is either with kitchri or homemade parthas (recipe coming soon). The spice level you can definitely adjust to your liking. You can store the chutney in the fridge for guarantee freshness.

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