Pregnancy Recovery Foods

I come from a Indian background and we have many tips and tricks on what to eat and avoid eating during or after pregnancy. If it wasn’t for my grandmother, mom or mother in law I would have never learned about these foods and Im grateful for having them to be able to remind me of what to eat and all. My grandmother was alive in my first pregnancy so she was able to tell my mother the tips and tricks and now they are going to hopefully be carried on by me. When I go and search for postpartum foods all I come to read is you can eat whatever you want take in as many calories as you like and lactation cookies. But I wanted to search and find out like what one should really eat for recovering and I never found proper recovery foods. So I hope this post is helpful for anyone you is looking for recovery foods postpartum.

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Delivery Hospital Bag

Time has flew by! It’s time to pack the hospital bag. It’s good to have it packed before hand so you are not rushing last second trying to pack things you remember. I feel it’s important to keep two separate bags one for mommy and daddy and one for the baby. Reasoning behind this is so you can use these bags to carry back things the hospital gives you. Yes they do have bags that they will give you but it’s nice to have some space in your personal bags as well. The hospital gives you diapers and wipes so no need to pack that for the baby. All you will be needed to pack is a going home outfit for the little one along with some hat and mittens I will get into details below. For mommy and daddy of course a change of clothes will be nice and some extra snacks to snack on. I cannot believe the time is getting so close to go to the hospital! Ready or not here we come baby!

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Baby Essentials

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Being a mom of two I have somewhat experience of what one will need when shopping for baby items. There are things that you need and things you would like to have remember that. For example I need wipes but I would like to have a wipe warmer. I know as first time moms we feel the need to splurge in by everything and think we will need it believe me its not always like that. Save that money pay it towards take out lol. I was lucky to have both a boy and girl so I ended up saving there baby clothes along with blankets and even carseats.

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My Pregnancy Journey

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Baby number 3 is on his way! woohoo. These past 9 months just flew by and we are already at the finish line. I am currently 36 weeks pregnant and have 4 more to go but I could be delivering in 3 weeks as the baby would be considered full term by then. At this point I like to start preparing for my hospital stay along with postpartum we will get to that another blog post. My past two pregnancy as I remember were a breeze but I don’t know what it is about this one, the ending is just so exhausting and I am having so much fatigue. Usually by the end of my pregnancies I would be walking and staying super active but I don’t know why with this one Im so exhausted that I can barely keep my eyes open. Braxton hicks contractions come and go as usual but now when then come they do get more intense (basically preparing you for the real deal).

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lets do this

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Life is so unpredictable. Sometimes you just plan and think ok this is what I am going to do and you have everything properly planned. But then everything gets hit down like a game of dominos. This was my summer from after spring till now. What a a crazy journey it has been. Im finally home and slowly getting back into my routine which I did miss very much. Its kinda like how you go on a vacation which is suppose to be relaxing but never is and you end up coming home and then you relax. Well that sums up half of my year. Im not sure where I will post this blog post but It feels good to type again. Im looking forward to the season changing and seeing the wonderful colors of fall. I love fall and winter, there is just something so cozy and comforting about it to me. Im looking forward to making apple pies and decorating the house with lots of fall. It feels so good just typing I know I have mentioned this like two three sentences back but it truly feels amazing listening to the keyboard underneath my fingers. I have so many new chapters happening in my life and one of them is that I have made the decision for homeschooling my kids this year. With the pandemic happening It just didn’t feel normal for me to send my kids to school. Even though I had already enrolled into in person school as it was the only where I lived but something in my heart just didn’t feel right for sending in person. So we have this new homeschooling chapter in our life and Im looking forward to sharing it on my blog. I always wanted to be teacher and had planned to go in person and at least substitute but that didn’t happen. Now Im having a wonderful time homeschooling my kids and we are having a lot of fun with it. My kids are enjoying it. Cant wait to take you with me on this new chapter of my life:)!