The oldest memory that I have of cooking something was of making baklava. I remember this memory so dearly to my heart. Where we lived we didn’t have middle eastern stores, and there was this smoke shop which yes I know you are probably thinking what does a smoke shop anything to do with baklava well let me explain to you. So this smoke shop didn’t just carry tobacco but also misc things such a as groceries and random things. I remember it had a freezer in the back and we would sometimes also get meat from it..I think? Anyways I remember just looking inside and I saw baklava sheets and asked my parents if we can buy it, they said sure. Now never in my life have I ever tasted baklava it just looked so yummy on the box so it inspired me to make it. Let me tell you I was in middle school or younger at this time. I remember following the recipe on the back of that box and just making it the way it had mentioned. It was my first time and I think I did a good job?

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Chicken Alfredo Fettuccine

Delicious creamy chicken fettuccine cooked in under 30 mins with my simplified alfredo sauce. This is a perfect recipe for busy moms. You can go ahead and use smaller pasta like shells, or rotini and it will work perfectly well. I have seen many recipes and I have also tried to make alfredo sauce by scratch and let me tell you its a process and at the end my cheese becomes a lump. So I stayed with using jarred alfredo…don’t lose me yet, I will share with you how I seasoned it up and made it the best alfredo sauce ever.

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Can you believe it we are already in spring of 2021! Time to take out those gardening supplies and start gardening. The picture above is from my last years garden bed, we had planted many things such as tomatoes, serrano peppers, onions, strawberries, peas, and a few herbs like mint and cilantro. Basically long story short this was our very first time making a garden bed which was so beautifully built by my husband. The plants were blooming with vegetables until the bunnies got to them and then of course the birds and my heart was broken that I just didn’t want to do anything anymore. It ended up being this sad little garden bed by then end of the summer. But this year we have a good plan:)

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Let’s plan it

I love planning. I feel like planning my days, weeks, months, or even years ahead of time get you in the zone of knowing where you are going with your life. I usually tend to buy my planners half way through January as they tend to go on sale by then:) I feel when you write down a list or plan out your week life just goes so much more smoothly. For instance every week on Thursday night I like to plan out what I will be cooking for the following week. I write down all my meals for the week and then I make my grocery list. If there is anything we want to do and have been talking about it for a while, I am able to write that down and plan towards it. Im old school I like to write down lists, plan out things.

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Winter Storm

There is a storm coming…

This past week has been a very rough week for Texans. Living in Texas you don’t really experience harsh winters. It gets cold you were a coat and maybe once a year it might snow a little but by the afternoon that will melt away. Its funny because I remember last year my son woke up and saw some snow on the ground and he got so excited to go play in it. The kids played for a little bit but then had to run some errands with my husband. When they came home they saw the snow was gone it was so sad for them. But this year was different.

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